Optify Coaching Gets Its Scalable Coaching Software Reviewed by the Technology Review Counsel

Optify is a well-designed framework to keep leaders and their mentors on track, with the help of coaches – and we ALL need someone to keeps us on track. As one of the tag lines of Optify states: Our LCMS enables coaches and clients to collaborate in a structured, efficient and accountable way. Individual progress and aggregate results are provided to program sponsors.

About the TRC
Nov Omana
CEO/ Founder
Collective HR Solutions

HR Technology arena, assists companies in structuring their HR technology strategy and systems. Known for thought leadership, combining and leveraging technology in new ways, and strong knowledge of the vendor community surrounding HR technology. Reputation is “connecting the dots” between technologies to create new solutions and solve business problems.

During this
webinar, you will

  • How technology can scale coaching to unleash organizational impact
  • How coaching unlocks new ways of seeing and behaving, which are fundamental to transformation
  • How you can customize the solution for your own needs

About the presenters:

Co-Founder, Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur
CEO/ Founder - Collective HR Solutions
Co-Founder, Leadership Coach & Technology Executive