Leadership & Grief

Virtual Workshop

Bring your leaders a new understanding of leadership in grief through our virtual workshop with experts Kris Carpenter and Michelle Light.

The 4 Key Intersections of Leadership &
Grief: Leaders Workshop

A lot of people are experiencing grief, because there has been a lot of loss. The world as we knew it has changed. The challenges that we presently face have no timeframe. Grief has no timeframe either. It will remain with us. Max Porter wrote in Grief is The Thing with Feathers, “any sensible person knows that grief is a long-term project.” We offer leaders a new lens and resource to be successful in work and life.

Why attend this virtual interactive workshop experience?

As a leader, you need to show up in the best way for people and your organization. This workshop offers a unique lens and framework for leaders to build capacity to connect with the changing workforce and changing world buried in this powerful emotion of grief. This is a tool, a new best practice, to use to lead now and in the new future.
What have you lost in the last weeks and months? How is this impacting you as a leader?
This past year has been an intense period of enormous upheaval. That is no secret. We are facing four crises at once – economic devastation, sheathed in a global coronavirus pandemic, cloaked in centuries of systemic racism, enveloped by a climate emergency for the planet. Crisis piled on top of crisis. The weight may feel heavy. As we’ve all been grappling with these issues, we’ve all been confronted with many losses, individually and collectively. There have been big changes. When things are not how they were, and may never be again, grief will naturally arise. Grief is a universal human experience. And as the waves of this quadruple crisis continue to ebb and flow, so to will the waves of grief. In order for leaders to successfully navigate the complexity of this current world, it is time to bring grief into the leadership conversation.

What you’ll learn in this full Leadership & Grief Workshop:

Drawing upon our expertise in grief support and leadership coaching, you will learn a new framework of “the 4 key intersections of leadership & grief.” This is intended as a new lens and resource for leaders. The introductory workshop will engage you in considering how the framework may apply in your own unique circumstances in order to help you be successful in your work and life. You will also learn practical tips, depending upon where you may situate yourself within the framework. The introductory workshop sets the stage and prepares you for a deeper dive into one or more of the intersections, based on what may be appropriate for you.

The full Leadership & Grief series is participatory. Be prepared to actively engage with the material and your fellow attendees in each session. The series includes:

• Introductory Workshop
• Leading In Grief
• Supplemental Companion Session – “Nurture Tools Sampler”
• Leading Among Grief;
• Leading With Grief;
• Leading Through Grief;
This virtual interactive workshop experience – and the full Leadership & Grief series – will help:
• Serve you as a leader during unprecedented and uncertain times;
• Develop a richer, more nuanced understanding about grief in the context of leadership;
• Open a window to your development and redefine your relationship to grief;
• Empower you with new clarity, capacity, and tools to effectively process your grief;
• Sharpen and strengthen your own leadership competencies in this area;
• Expand your community of leaders and learners for discussion around loss, grief, and the impact for your work – you are not alone

Please note, this workshop will not be recorded, in order to honor any potential sensitivities of the participants. So, there will be no link to send registrants afterward.

Reach out to Kris Carpenter at
kcarpenter@optifycoaching.com to
schedule a custom leadership & grief workshop for your organization.