Coaching for Every Leader

Scalable Leadership Coaching Programs for Leaders at All Levels

Optify is on a mission to develop the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of work, organizations, and the world. The Optify platform gives us the ability to scale personalized leadership coaching throughout organizations to impact leaders in every seat. Whether your focus is building your leadership pipeline, improving DEI, or creating an all-encompassing leadership learning culture, Optify Coaching is here to help.

Transform Your Leaders

We align our expert coaching with your organizational objectives to bring personalized, goal-driven development to every leader and transform their leadership skills from the inside out.

Build Your Leadership Pipeline

Develop leaders to meet the needs of a growing business

  • Up-level individual leadership capabilities
  • Create ready-now leaders
  • Fill the leadership pipeline

Create a Learning Culture

Support managers’ development of coaching skills

  • Experience professional coaching first-hand
  • Role modeling from mentor coaches
  • Learn fundamental coaching skills

Improve Diversity & Inclusion

Creating more inclusive leadership

  • Invest in future leaders
  • Enable key internal mindset shifts
  • Provide confidential environment of support

Increase Employee Engagement

Help develop purpose and resilience in your team

  • Develop strategies for personal effectiveness
  • Provide support to meet business demands and resolve immediate tensions
  • Bring a sense of purpose to work

Make Leadership Development Programs Stick

Complement classroom experiences with 1-1 coaching

  • Enhance leadership workshops and programs
  • Apply and personalize learning
  • Increase pay-off from LDP investment

Reach Management Milestones

Help rising leaders excel with new responsibilities

  • Provide just-in-time learning at stretch points
  • Accelerate transitions to new roles and responsibilities
  • Support organizational leadership competency development

Assessments and Industry Partners

Our own leadership assessment, combined with tools provided by our industry-leading partners, form the foundation of self-awareness and goal setting.

Key Polarities Indicator
Key Polarities Indicator
Many decisions require for Either this Or that. Yet much occurs in the beautiful and blurry space in between — when we need Both this And that. Both/And isn’t about losing, giving up, or even compromising. It’s about expanding. The Key Polarity Indicator™ is a practical and transformational tool that helps individuals and teams expand their impact by increasing their capacity to lead from a Both/And perspective.
Industry Partner
The Leadership Circle
Industry Partner
The Leadership Circle

A Leadership Circle Profile measures two primary leadership domains—Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies— to help identify opportunities for leadership development.

LCP offers the classical 360-degree competency assessment, and it goes deeper by offering insight into potential assumptions influencing a leader’s patterns of strengths and limits

What it measures Competencies: What’s going on? Assumptions: Why is it going on? Style-Type Personality: Pathway for Change All reported in percentiles, compared to a norm base of hundreds of thousands of leaders

Industry Partner
Insights Discovery
Industry Partner
Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery’s assessments help increase self-awareness, which promotes effective relationships at work by improving communication and decreasing conflict.

Insights Discovery been described as a “predictive 360” – providing insights into one’s one preference and leadership style that would likely be reported in an actual 360 assessment. Each report includes:

Overview Key Strengths & Weaknesses Value to the Team Communication Preferences Potential Blind Spots Connecting With Opposite Type Suggestions for Development Graphs & Wheel

Optify Narrative 360
Optify Narrative 360
Optify's Narrative 360 assessment can be paired with any of our industry partners to make them more impactful. The Narrative 360 is designed to make feedback appreciative, constructive, and actionable by prompting evaluators with four categories: appreciation, strengths, development areas, and support. Custom feedback reports are built for each client and further debriefed with their Optify coach.


  • What do you most appreciate about the client?


  • What are the client’s biggest strengths?
  • What impact do these strengths have for the client, the team and the organization?

Development Areas

  • In what way would you hope to see the client grow as a professional and a leader in the next year?
  • How important are these, and what would be the impact to the client and organization if progress is made


  • What are you doing, or are you willing to do to support the client in their development?

Real Optify Success Story


“Optify’s coaching sessions definitely made me more aware of how I “show up” in meetings and how I respond to both positive and negative energy in the room. I have been more thoughtful about how I respond and where I can provide value. I’ve gained more confidence to speak up when I have something to say, and I’ve learned to be more accepting of myself when I don’t know the answers. I am also getting better at managing my own expectations and those of others — not over-promising and setting myself up for failure.”


“With more confidence comes more impact. I feel that the work my coach and I have done has made me a better strategist, a better team contributor to the organization, and a better team leader”


“My Optify coach created an environment where I felt comfortable sharing successes, as well as crying over failures. He showed up to our sessions with compassion, yet always pushed me to evaluate and step outside my comfort zone. He offered advice and guidance when I asked for it, but did not try to “fix” things for me. My goals were mostly about personal reflection and understanding why I am the way that I am, and then how to use my strengths and manage my weaknesses for the best outcome. My coach took the time to understand me so that he could steer my lessons in a direction that would set me up for success.”

Personalized Coaching Solutions

One-on-one Coaching

One-on-one coaching accelerates a developing leader’s growth in ways that training alone cannot. Individualized attention helps each leader build the awareness and insight they need to expand their skills and abilities, and unlock their unique potential. We scale one-on-one coaching for dozens or hundreds of leaders while preserving a personalized experience for each participant.

Spark Coaching

Bring the one-on-one coaching experience to your leaders at mass with Optify’s Spark Coaching. Leaders get the chance to find clarity, gain insight, and take meaningful action during a focused, hour-long session with an ICF-certified coach. Whether you’re trying to up-level your team’s leadership capacity, navigate widespread organizational change, or align leaders to new strategic initiatives, Optify Spark Coaching is here to help.

Group Coaching

Group coaching and facilitation experiences bring the best of learning and coaching together for maximum impact. Our certified coaches guide small groups of your leaders as they work together in a cohort. With expert guidance, they benefit from each other’s knowledge and input, build collaborative and peer coaching skills, and orient toward a common purpose.

Programmatic Coaching

Leadership development programs are an integral piece of building a strong leadership culture at any organization. Our experts can work directly with your company’s internal leadership development program or bring in one of our best-in-class partners to provide content-driven coaching that supports your new and rising leaders’ development at scale.

Coaching Content

Optify Coaching is supported with our custom-developed coaching tools, surveys, and assessments, bringing the best content to support your leaders’ development.  Our programs can be designed and delivered with specific topics in mind to make the biggest impact on your organization’s needs.

as Coaches
Diversity &


Discover how scaled coaching can impact your mid-level leaders.

For decades, organizations have invested in executive coaches for their most senior leaders to build capacity and provide strategic leadership from the top down. Executives consider these engagements vital to their growth and often credit their coaches with helping them to discover new ways of seeing, being, and approaching their business. Bill Gates famously said, “Everyone needs a coach…We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Having witnessed the value of one-on-one coaching, many organizations now provide leadership coaching to executives-in-waiting and other select high performers at the top of the organization. Leadership development for successors a few steps removed from the top, however, remains spotty.